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About The Artist

Roy Jessup Studio is located in Western Kansas. The area has many ranches dedicated to preserving our western heritage. The people and places offer a very rich and diverse array of subjects that can be found in many of Roy’s paintings. Roy is a Kansas artist who grew up drawing horses and cowboys and taking many photos of family and friends just in case one might turn into his next project. He’s been heavily influenced by the traditional working cowboys and their good ranch livestock in Western Kansas, and uses many locals as subjects in his work. The studio is located in Oakley, Kansas.

Statement from the Artist:
Welcome to my website if this is your first visit.  If not, welcome back.  I have enjoyed putting some of my work “out there” for everyone to enjoy.  I have been privileged to make a lot of good contacts since the site has gone up and hope to continue expanding to reach a wider clientele.  Most of the work I do is custom work, using other people’s ideas, which helps keep the creative juices flowing.  So, if you have an idea of a painting you’d like, please give me a call and we can visit about what I can do.  If your budget is tight, I have several limited edition prints and cards available that are very reasonably priced.  Horses, cattle, and western scenes are my preference, but I have been known to paint dogs, kids, barns, windmills, and even llamas.  I’ll try to keep the gallery page changing so that you can see the variety of pieces that I’ve done.  I enjoy hearing from you, the viewers, so continue emailing or give me a call, even just to say hi.  Thanks and enjoy the site!


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